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1.47 Ct Round Brilliant cut, severely damaged, fully recut to 1.07 Ct.

2.44 Marquise
2.28 Cushion
2.48 Old European

Diamond Cutter -- Diamond Repair Specialist ​

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1.87 Old European

1.06 Ct Marquise cut, chipped, recut to 1.00 Ct Oval.

1.24 Ct Pear cut, chipped, abraded and poorly cut, recut to 1.09 Ct.

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2.44 Ct Marquise cut, recut to 2.03 Oval Brilliant cut.

Roger D. Flanders


Diamond Cutter --Diamond Repair Specialist

Diamond Recutting

2.28 Ct Cushion cut, chipped and poorly cut, recut to 2.04 Ct.

1.28 Ct Antique cut, chipped and abraded, recut to 1.09 Ct Radiant cut.

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2.48 Ct Old European cut, upgraded to 2.05 Ct Galaxy cut.

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1.87 Ct Old European cut, broken, recut to 1.53 Ct modern Round Brilliant cut.